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February 2020

Green Ship Technology

Fuels & Lubricants
HVAC & Compressors
Emission Scrubbers
Autonomous Ship Systems
Coatings, Corrosion Control
Sea Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Asia Pacific Maritime
Green Ship Technology
Copenhagen, Denmark
NACE Corrosion
Houston, TX
Intermodal Asia
Shanghai, China

March 2020

Cruise Shipping Annual

Passenger Vessels / Ferries
Bridge Electronics: Comms, Navigation & Controls
Fluid Handling & Filtration
Desalination & Reverse Osmosis Systems
Interior Design and Finishes

April 2020

Offshore Energy Edition

Offshore Wind Support Vessels
Deck Machinery - Winches & Cranes
Pumps & Valves
Water Jets & Thrusters
Surface Preparation - Water Jets & Scrapers

May 2020

Fleet Management

Classification Societies
Crew Training & Maritime Simulation
Vessel Monitoring & Operation Software Solutions

June 2020

2020 Yearbook

LNG & Hybrid Drives
Luxury & Expedition Cruise Ship Building
Navigation: Radar, ECDIS & Collision Avoidance
Ballast Water Technology

July 2020

Maritime Power Edition

Piping, Valves & Fittings
Emission Scrubbers
Engine Room Ventilation
Bearings, Seals and Couplings
HVAC & Compressors

August 2020

The Shipyard Edition

Heavy Lifting: Cranes, Winches and Hoists
Welding and Cutting Equipment
Fuels and Lubricants
Transmissions, Gears & Thrusters
SMM 2020 New Technology Showcase

September 2020

Marine Design Annual

Vessel Conversions
Naval Architecture
Design Software: CAD/CAM
Anti-Vibration & Noise Control Equipment
Ship Roll & Pitch Control Solutions

October 2020

Shipping & Port Annual

Satellite Communications
Training and Simulation
Cargo, Container & Material Handling Equipment
Tank Gauging & Alarm Systems
Rope, Wire & Cable

November 2020

Workboat Edition

Workboat Propulsion
Deck Equipment - Winches & Cranes
Fire Suppression and Safety Equipment
Autonomous Workboats

December 2020

Great Ships of 2020

Fluid Filtration & Separation
Surface Navy Shipbuilding
Electrical Systems & Components
Windows, Gaskets, Hatches & Doors